For more than a hundred years, the family concern Witte Lastrup has been doing business in the area of mechanical engineering and plant construction for the agricultural and animal feed industries. As early as the 1930s, Anton Witte – agronomist and company founder -- revolutionized the construction of mills through the development of the mill turbine. His son Karl-Heinz Witte took the company’s reins in 1957, and made it an internationally-recognized international company which is active worldwide. Today, three generations of the Witte family work in the business group, successfully carrying on the family tradition on five continents.

Our scope of services: Consulting, planning, production, logistics, installation, commissioning, on-site training. Experienced employees, high quality standards and the use of fi rst-class materials and state-of-the-art technology have already enabled the realization of a large number of internationally successful projects.

Managing Director

Karl-Heinz Witte

Managing director

+49 4472 9404-23

Johannes Witte

Managing director

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Martin Kalvelage

Distribution head of Germany

+49 4472 9404-65

Dieter Brand

Distribution head of Germany

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Josef Deeken

Distribution head of Germany

+49 4472 9404-62

Johannes Rammler

Distribution head of International

+49 4472 9404-18

Alexander Wagner

Distribution head of International

+49 4472 9404-62

Technical department

Hans-Jürgen Brüning

Head of technical department

+49 4472 9404-63

Ulrich Anneken

Head of production and construction

+49 4472 9404-36

Mehdi Gmiha

Project manager

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Nina Kathmann


+49 4472 9404-37

Marcel Knuck


+49 4472 9404-31

Yvonne Hubert


+49 4472 9404-30


Nils Doberer

Head of purchasing

+49 4472 9404-71

Dirk Böckmann

Head of finance

+49 4472 9404-19

Annegret Kleene

Head of accounting

+49 4472 9404-20